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About Us

We provide the China's largest free real - time database of language teaching jobs and Chinese Government Scholarship information on our AbroadChina.org web-page.

AbroadChina.org simply work as a conduit.You can choose and contact the school directly through website form by yourself. Your message E-mailed directly to school. We are not agent, but if you don't have the time to do all the search work and response the kinds of employers with yourself, you can consider getting support from our editor. We will help you contact the public institution representative to get an telephone interview chance.

Our important advice for the people who are looking for a job at China

The most important thing is, you must know more details of the background about your employer, before you go to China.

** Does the employer really do anything for you (including stay & working visa)?

In order to recruit foreign teachers to teach in their schools, the schools must pass strict government requirements as to employ foreign teachers. They should be granted by the government the rights.

Some employers in China, whom have no license for hiring foreign teacher, still hope you will work for them. They can not apply for a working permit for you, so you will have trouble if your traveling visa expires. Usually, your employer will tell you to leave China for a few days, or go to neighboring area such as Hong Kong, Macao, you need to extends your traveling visa, then back to China to continue working for them. In China, it is illegal if a foreigner has a job without a working visa and work permitting. If the government found you illegally working in China, the law will punish your employer & you.

To work legally, you need to get a work visa (z-via). For an ESL teacher, it is virtually important to be aware of which school is illegal and which is legal in order to make a nice living and teaching in China.

** Does the employer really have the ability to pay your salary & benefits on time, as promised?

Some employers like to promise you some good benefits & salary when they sign a contract with you, but if your employer has not enough students they can not pay salary & benefit on time. If you are working without working visa your job's rights will be hurt. That happens often in China.
We suggest you must think of these problems before you choose an employer.

** DO NOT use the wage number as ONLY factor in making your decision.

Some employers offer high pay but may not include some benefits, and may request longer hours, so You should take the following points into consideration:

A, Number of hours worked per week, is there office hours and the days of week school is held?
B, Does your employer offer full room and board? Housing being shared or private?
C, Does your employer offer any vacation? Is it with salary?
D, Does your employer cover the cost of your airfare?
E, Does your employer pay for the Electricity & Cooking Gas Charge?

You should know the cost of living in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing such major city are expensive more than small city. Your pay can be dramatically affected by compensable factors such as teaching hours, employer size, employee credentials, years of experience and others. so DO NOT use the wage number as ONLY factor.

If you want a guaranteed safety of legitimate work and life in China,  you can contact us for more suggestion.