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Good  English First Suzhou (EF Suzhou)   Details
Key Words:  Jiangsu  Suzhou
TitleEF English First Suzhou
Author: Michal Zlotkowski <michalski(at)mail.com>
I have been working here for a few months now and have received nothing but the highest level of support from all the teachers as well as the local staff.
Publish Date: 2005-2-28
Source: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?read=4012
Bad  English First Suzhou (EF Suzhou)   Details
Key Words:  Jiangsu  Suzhou
TitleEF English First Suzhou
Author: William M. Tweedie, MA TESOL <willtweedie(at)msn.com>
The school also consistently broke promises to me regarding my separation agreement. Details are available if you are interested.
Publish Date: 2005-2-19
Source: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?read=3997
Normal  Hehai University in Changzhou
Key Words:  Jiangsu  Changzhou
TitleHohai University in Changzhou
Author: Helmi <helmishep(at)hotmail.com>
Some pros:
1) The schedule is fairly light. Last term I had 18 hours and this term only 12.
2)You will stay warm--I haven't had to pay for my heat and I keep it at a toasty 22 all the time. Teaching is damn cold but knowing I can go back to my lovely rooms makes me feel better.
3)All the foreign teachers I've met in Changzhou are cool and/or funny
4)the person who helps you in the administrative building is pretty, smart, and very helpful. She speaks great English too.
5) you will have no trouble getting paid.
6) Changzhou's right between Nanjing and Shanghai.
Some cons: 1) Not having a book to use and doing whatever you like might sound stressful to some. I liked it, but it maybe a probem for you.
2) The pay is between 3000 and 3500 but you maybe able to negotiate for more (however, it's pretty easy to find private students and /or you can fill in your hours with kindergarten teacing. (and easy job)
3) no free meals, no Chinese lessons, and medical benefits are rudimentary. Buy traveler insurance.
4)the kitchen doesn't have AC or heater so it's often too hot or too cold. The kitchen also is shared by all hotel guests and staff which means it's always grimy.
Publish Date: 2004-11-18
Source: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?read=3900
Bad  Huai Yin Teacher College
Key Words: Study, Mandarin Chinese Jiangsu  Huai'an
Author: -    Send Message to Author
I start studying Chinese language in Huai An Teacher College on the 23 of September 2005 and would like to withdraw on the 11th of October. In the website, it'was said that the tuition fee can be refund within 2weeks, but does not say clearly what 2 weeks means.
As there is one weeks national holiday in between 23th of September untill the 11th of October, it' supposed not to be counted in the within 2 weeks periods.
I am really dissapointed when they say that I would not get any refund as the "within 2 weeks periods" has been passed.
The weekly periods has been cut to 16 hours/ week instead of 20 hours/week.
Publish Date: 2005-10-13
Bad  ICON Language Center   Details
Key Words: Visa, Wages Jiangsu  Suzhou
TitleBeware of " Icon " in Suzhou , China
Author: ICON Language Center <kanstey1(at)yahoo.com>
The ICON Language Center in Suzhou is apparently just such a school where empty promises of great future success through the learning of English is handed out on printed flyers on crowded street corners and by the way if you are the teacher you will be handing out these false promises where an over priced tuition fee will make a noodle cook or bicycle messenger a Vice President of a Bank or General Manager of a co-venture company.
Publish Date: 2004-8-7
Source: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?read=2496
Bad  Jiangsu Huaian Modern English   Details
Key Words: Visa Jiangsu  Huaian
TitleHuaian Jiangsu Modern English/Taiyuan Shanxi Modern English
Author: William Warren Wise <williamwwise(at)yahoo.ca>
This is the first warning I will give the visa I was issued was an extended three month 6 day extension tourist Visa (Class L).
This is the second warning, A colleague, friend and mentor was unjustifiably, slanderously, cruelly and without merit degraded, ridiculed and verbally attacked during a meeting where not only did they do the above but also disclosed personal contractual information and terminated his employment.
This is the third warning; nothing that happens at this school is the fault of management, and the fault all lies on the foreign teachers. The biggest problem is that the foreign teachers do not think or act Chinese and are more concerned with money then trust or friendship.
Publish Date: 2004-9-10
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1094750982-39539.txt
Bad  Jiangsu Huaian Modern English   Details
Key Words: Contract Jiangsu  Huaian
TitleHuaian Jiangsu Modern English/John He
Author: William Warren Wise
It is true I never saw a contract, I did not see my passport after handing it over to the owner until I got it back from John.
Publish Date: 2004-9-9
Source: http://www.englishschoolwatch.org/webboard_detail.php?topic_id=950
Bad  Nanjing Talent Academy, Talent Inc.   Details
Key Words: Wages, Salary, Accomodation Jiangsu  Nanjing
TitleBeware Talent Inc.
Author: Nial, Heddy, Blair <subterfuge42(at)hotmail.com>
The accomodations are in various stages of disrepair and they do not honor contracts.
They attempted to charge for electricity, internet, water and were constantly late with the salary. On top of that the salary was often late, and short. The proficiencty level of the Chinese English teachers was often less than the students, and it was extreemely frustrating as a new teacher to China to get assistance.
Publish Date: 2004-9-30
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1096573212-10227.txt
Normal  Rayhua Bilingual School   Details
Key Words:  Jiangsu  Suzhou
TitleSo-so in Suzhou - Rayhua School
Author: Ivy
I had a mixed experience at Rayhua Bilingual School in Suzhou.
When I accepted the job I was promised several things that did not happen:
Publish Date: 2004-2-14
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1076800653-65173.txt
Bad  Sino-Canada High School
Key Words:  Jiangsu  Shuzhou
TitleSino-Canada (Suzhou) Rip Off
Author: D. Roy <wd_roy(at)hotmail.com>
Sino-Canada High School "near" Suzhou is a new school, now into its second year of operations. As long as you have no expectations and don't actually believe what they tell you, you'll have a good time. If you expect to be treated with honesty and integrity, you'll be disappointed. The students hate the place, the teachers (those who didn't bail out during the first year anyway) hate the place . . . And you will too . . . Unless you enjoy being lied to, cheated, and treated with contempt.
Publish Date: 2004-8-22
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1093239223-80936.txt
Good  Stenford English
Key Words:  Jiangsu  Jiangyin
TitleSo farĄ­.
Author: Michael Pecarich    Send Message to Author
In the beginning I was always in the dark about what was going on. That is actually typical of any Chinese company. This is my 5th place of employment and so far it has been my best by a long-shot. I have found that the Chinese tutors here are immensely helpful. The people that own this place seem to be decent in their treatment of others. My first job was in Beijing at a place called "ShuRen." The owner of ShuRen is not an honest man and the dean is also not couth my any stretch of the imagination. There are the 'traditional' sorts on the more 'modern' sorts. It is adviseable to work for a place that has people that do not think in the Stone Age.
"Stenford" is a good place. I would advise any person who wants a good experience to work here.
Publish Date: 2005-5-17
Key Words: Visa, Workload Jiangsu  Jiangyin
Author: Emma Longman <ttelongman(at)hotmail.com>
We had our salary for 25 teaching hours a week but they insisted we had to be there 40 hours a week to get paid - and there was no syllabus - they had no real way of teaching.
When he asked for a full months salary like he deserved - they FIRED him!!!His work visa had a short period, which they were gonna renew for him.This school is not legally able to hire foreigners - and when they find someone they can hire cheaper - they WILL.
Publish Date: 2004-6-29
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1088480802-87167.txt

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