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Bad  American Alifa SUSHAN Language Center   Details
Key Words: Work Visa Liaoning  Shenyang
TitleMy experience with the director, and the Chinese English teachers--TERRIBLE!!!
Author: Paul <ptedrow(at)indiana.edu>
I have been at my school for 22 days. I have never been an ESL teacher before, this is my first time around, and I landed in northeast China at a language training center. I'm a 25 year old American guy, and can't seem to get a long with the Chinese teachers at my school. They're all young females between ages 20-25. And they're really rubbing off the wrong way on me.
Publish Date: 2005-11-26
Source: http://www.abroadchina.org/html/cache=article399.htm
Normal  Dalian Institute of Light Industry   Details
Key Words:  Liaoning  Dalian
TitleDalian Institute of Light Industry
Author: tw
The school has its good and its bad. The bad include unmotivated students but that's common when teaching public school students in China. The infrastructure is quite run-down because the campus is quite old. The noises from airplanes and jet fighters taking off almost daily from the Dalian airport which is about a 15-minute drive from the school.
Publish Date: 2004-11-9
Source: http://p092.ezboard.com/fteachingenglishinchinafrm49.showMessage?topicID=95.topic
Good  Dalian Institute of Light Industry   Details
Key Words:  Liaoning  Dalian
TitleDalian Institute of Light Industry - pretty good!
Author: Thomas Wang <tw(at)canada.com>
The school has its good and its bad. The bad include
unmotivated students (mostly first-year students) butthat's common when teaching public school students in
Publish Date: 2004-7-1
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1088664520-84485.txt
Good  Guan Ya American English Language School
Key Words:  Liaoning  Shenyang
TitleGuan Ya rules and you know it.
Author: Eric Pepin <woshreric(at)yahoo.ca>
I worked for Guan Ya for 1.5 years. Guan Ya management is functional; I didn't come to China expecting to be king; the salary fits the city; the teachers' apartments are better than in Shanghai; the students work harder than anywhere else; yes Shenyang is polluted, so is most of the northeast; the locals are curious about you cuz you look different but they are friendly. If you can't get used to it, go home wuss.
Publish Date: 2004-8-30
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1093877166-24770.txt
Good  Guan Ya American English Language School   Details
Key Words:  Liaoning  Shenyang
TitleGoing Back to Guan Ya for Summer Program
Author: Charles Lipscombe <ttclipscombe(at)hotmail.com>
I was a total pain in the ass for them. I started asking for things right away. I can't think of one thing I asked for and didn't receive. Starting with a special schedule and ending with a letter of release and recommendation letter so I could easily start my new job at a public middle school.
Publish Date: 2004-5-30
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1085967087-1503.txt
Good  Guan Ya American English Language School   Details
Key Words:  Liaoning  Shenyang
TitleGuan Ya and Shenyang A-Okay
Author: Michael Abboud <abboudmike(at)yahoo.com>
Supporting or refuting comments made in the forum won¡¯t put any money in my pocket. It won¡¯t enhance my status at with my employer. It will, however, attempt to give a tempered, less hostile interpretation of the subjects dealt with in previous postings. My experiences in Shenyang are largely positive.
Publish Date: 2004-5-22
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1085215961-28730.txt
Good  Guan Ya American English Language School   Details
Key Words:  Liaoning  Shenyang
TitleGuan Ya - A Second Opinion
Author: Ryan Smith <ryansmith_eslteacher(at)hotmail.com>
I have been a teacher at Guan Ya for about 9 months and to this day I haven¡¯t had a problem I couldn¡¯t deal with or felt the need to rant about. The living conditions in my apartment and the apartments I¡¯ver had the pleasure to see are more than adequate.
Publish Date: 2004-5-21
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1085149098-16670.txt
Bad  Guan Ya American English Language School   Details
Key Words: Accommodation, Contract Liaoning  Shenyang
TitleGuan Ya - No Way
Author: Jeffrey Baltzer <exfactoryman-esl(at)yahoo.com>
The apartment that the school gives you is a chopped up (divided) unit from what used to be a really nice apartment (also, they will not get it ready for you, it will be dirty and in disrepair when you arrive).
But I want to add that as bad as Guan Ya treats their foreign teachers, it pales in comparison to how badly they provide for and treat the Chinese teachers.
Publish Date: 2004-5-12
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1084366196-7820.txt
Bad  Guan Ya American English Language School   Details
Key Words: Contract Liaoning  Shenyang
TitleShenyang & Guan Ya Report - BE CAREFUL!!!
Author: HondaGuy <hondaguy19762000(at)yahoo.ca>
All of these schools managers and owners hate foreigners. They need us to make money and they hate you
for it. They do not thank you for a job well-done. Instead, they will nickel and dime you every chance they
get and you will be frustrated most of the time.
Publish Date: 2004-5-1
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1083475711-74673.txt
Bad  New Century English School   Details
Key Words:  Jilin  Dalian
TitleNew Century English School in Dalian City
Author: jimoin
They have many foreigners who were attracted to the pay, bonus and conditions looking good on the surface. But they run the school as their own personal fiefdom and see their workers as nothing more than indentured slaves.
Publish Date: 2005-3-19
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/forums/job/viewtopic.php?t=18852
Normal  Shenyang Ligong University   Details
Key Words:  Liaoning  Shenyang
TitleShenyang Ligong University
Author: Chris Cahill <chris(at)crystalex.org>
All in all we have no regrets about coming Shenyang Ligong University and are looking forward to the nextterm here.
Publish Date: 2004-6-17
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1087444007-67097.txt
Bad  Shutong, Pattison
Key Words: Wages, Salary, Contract, Airfare Liaoning  Shenyang
Author: infuriated teachers <shutongjob(at)yahoo.ca>
They have screwed around every one of their teachers, never pay on time, don't help with things that are clearly stated in the contract, don't reimburse airfare, will fire you before your contract is up so they don't have to reimburse your airfare and the apartments they put you in are crap! Cockroaches and you have to buy your own mattress! There were no blankets, bedding or pillows on the beds, one of the other teachers had to lend me their sleeping bag! They take pictures of you without your permission and make fake degrees for you to give to the schools!
Publish Date: 2005-1-6
Source: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?read=3926

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