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Normal  English First Dongying (EF Dongying)   Details
Key Words:  Shandong  Dongying
TitleIn defence of EF English First
Author: Steve Crooks <scrooks12(at)hotmail.com>
One of the main criticisms of EF that I've read ad nauseum is bitching about the amount of hours you have to work; on average, I was teaching about 36 academic hours per week. Shock horror, I'm being paid to be a teacher & I actually have to teach a fair amount of classes? Someone go fetch me a doctor¡­ Ah, and before I forget it, yeah, I had to wear a tie all the time, too.
Publish Date: 2004-3-2
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1078247852-48016.txt
Bad  Shandong Electric Power School
Key Words:  Shandong  Tai'an
TitleShandong Electric Power School
Author: The Red Baron
This is a good place to stay away from.This is your warning¡­..Keep this school off your wish list.
It is a dirty, cold, unfriendly place. Spitting is constantly practiced by staff and students, even in classrooms. Their ad states they have 10 foreign teachers¡­this is a LIE! ¡­they have 6¡­. You will be made to pay for medicals, resident cards, FE certificates, etc¡­¡­.4000Y per month for 24 classes?? You must be joking! This school is a fourth level college, which means the students are very low on the scale. They are good kids, but they get no support from the school. There is no equipment in any of the classrooms apart from a blackboard. The rules are RIGID and MUST BE OBEYED¡­there is no leeway¡­..for anyone.
Publish Date: 2005-1-15
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/forums/job/viewtopic.php?t=19073
Bad  Taishan International School   Details
Key Words:  Shandong  Tai'an
TitleThis school is a complete disaster!
Author: Gingermeggs
This school is a complete disaster. Stay away from it. I have been here almost a year, and have, for the most part, enjoyed it. The students are great, the teachers, by and large, were terrific. The accommodation was in a dormitory, and was satisfactory. BUT!!!! The Administration is PATHETIC!!!
Around 20 Chinese Teachers have left, dissatisfied with their treatment at the hands of the 3 Dictators. Many of the students have left. Considering that the school started with around 200 students one year ago, this is not a good omen.
Publish Date: 2004-1-1
Source: http://www.englishschoolwatch.org/notebook_detail.php?topic_id=1795
Bad  Wanjie Zhaoyang School   Details
Key Words: Contract Shandong  Zibo
TitleBe Cautious of Wanjie Zhaoyang School
Author: Robert Carroll <robbie4umg(at)email.com>
Wanjie Zhaoyang School is not a bad place to teach, but please exercise caution when thinking of accepting a job there! The staff AND management of this school lied to my wife and I (and addmitted to it!) about pretty much everything regarding our jobs.
The lesson learned; make sure you get your SPECIFIC contract mailed to you and signed before booking tickets or anything. The copy they fax you to sign is neither legal nor complete, and they will ask you to sign an entirely different one when you arrive.
Publish Date: 2004-11-3
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1099530176-36870.txt
Good  Wenxuan Middle School
Key Words:  Shandong  Liaocheng
TitleWenxuan Middle School Liaocheng in Shandong
Author: Michael Beauchot <sichuandoctors(at)yahoo.com>
I lived at Liaocheng Normal University while teaching at the middle school. Mister Gu Yufei was THE MAN! He was the foreign teachers everything - he could fix anything that broke - for me, that was my phone, computer, and toilet! Once he fixed them they were perfect. He also speaks fluent English, Chinese,and Japanese. Plus, he's a darn good football player. And he answers every question or gets the answer for you. We joked that Gu is Chinese for God. This was a great experience.
Publish Date: 2004-5-14
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1084524424-75520.txt

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