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Bad  B***** Training Technologies   Details
Key Words:  Shanghai  
TitleWorking for B***** Training Technologies of China
Author: E.N. Danielson    Send Message to Author
1) Would you like to lose a whole year of your personal income and get nothing in return?
2) Would you like to spend a whole year living on nothing but white rice and instant noodles?
3) Would you like to spend three years patiently waiting for your former boss to pay you the back salary and commissions he owes you?
Publish Date: 2005-10-29
Source: http://www.abroadchina.org/html/cache=article393.htm
Key Words: Wages, Salary, Visa Shanghai  
Author: Richard <kouen(at)atnet.ru>
The company likes to tell "white" lies and will bend the contract rules. They also made me work extra hours, more than stated in my contract, and I was NEVER paid for these extra hours!
They are not legally licensed to hire foreigners, so instead of getting us our Z visas like they are supposed to, they instead make us pay extra money for other documents so they can just extend the visa. They wont and they cant get teachers a foreign expert certificate because they are not a legal company.
Not worth the time, PLEASE, when working in China, make sure the company or school has a OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT LICENSE.
Publish Date: 2004-11-24
Source: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?read=3854
Key Words:  Shanghai  
Author: Michaelangello <mnuge76(at)virtualtourist.com>
This company is just a middleman. They are not legally licensed to hire foreigners and they do not follow contract. They will bend the rules and not pay you correctly. You will not be paid for overtime or for covering other teachers. If you are a substitute teacher, they will not pay you for it, rather they will tell you to collect the money from the other teacher you worked for!
The do not follow contract and will cheat you if they can. They go through many Chinese and Foreign teachers quickly because of their dishonest ways.
Publish Date: 2004-11-21
Source: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?read=3850
Good  English First Shanghai (EF Shanghai)   Details
Key Words: Wages, Salary, Workload Shanghai  Shanghai
TitleVery happy with EF Shanghai
Author: Satisfied EF teacher
I clear almost 9,000 rmb a month and my contract is 30 ach (40 mins each) any more has to be mutually agreed and is paid overtime.
Half my flight money has been paid and the rest will be at the end of my contract.
Accomodation is satisfactory without being luxurious!
I average about 27 ach a week and don¡ät have to come in when not working.
Publish Date: 2004-8-17
Source: http://www.englishschoolwatch.org/webboard_detail.php?topic_id=896
Bad  Enlighten / Enlightenment Consultants   Details
Key Words: Contract, Workload Shanghai  Shanghai
TitleBeware - Enlighten / ment Consultants - Shanghai
Author: Steve Jones <Stephenphillipjones(at)hotmail.com>
I have just received a phone call from Enlighten / Enlightenment Consultants this afternoon (the company that I work for) saying that they are firing me and I have to leave my accomodation by tomorrow.
All through last term I was on time for every lesson and didn't have 1 single day sick leave.I also did o/t each week at Kindergarten's to help them out and to boost my poor wages.
Publish Date: 2004-8-1
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1091351562-25950.txt
Normal  Gold Apple Bilingual School
Key Words: Wages, Salary, Work Visa, Accomodation Shanghai  Shanghai
TitleGold Apple Bilingual School
Author: Kris Hup <kristinekay2(at)hotmail.com>
My experience at Shanghai Gold Apple Bilingual School was good at times and bad at others. The pay was relatively low yet they always pay on time. There was a travel bonus which was nice and they paid for my round trip ticket from the U.S. They paid for travel visas and work visas. Accomodations and meals were free. Accomodations were not fabulous in terms of a kitchen but we did have heat and AC. The children were good and other teachers were extremely kind. "The Chinese way" is something I never learned to deal with and ultimately made me decide to leave after one year. Promises by the school for Chinese lessons were not honored. I only had to teach 18 classes a week with most of them 40 minutes and a few 30 minutes. Bring your own teaching materials!!!!!!
Publish Date: 2005-5-11
Bad  Kongjiang High School   Details
Key Words:  Shanghai  Shanghai
TitleBlacklist Nomination: Kong Jiang Shanghai
Author: Daniel du Prie <duprie37(at)yahoo.com>
1) Accommodation - Forget about an apartment or anything like that, even by SH standards of apartment living.
2) There is a telephone that will accept calls, but they have steadfastly ignored my requests for a line that calls outside the school to be installed.
3) What you agree upon with administration will probably be ignored.
Publish Date: 2004-6-11
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1087009261-28510.txt
Bad  Raffles Lasalle Shanghai   Details
Key Words: Workload Shanghai  Shanghai
TitleRaffles Lasalle Shanghai
Author: Andy
You will work long hours for little personal reward or recognition. You MUST work a nine hour day. They have a questionable evaluation system and even more questionable curriculum.
The people in charge of you know nothing about ESL teaching and do not really care if students are learning or not as long as the wheels keep turning.
The rules and systems and policies, such as they are, will change on a daily basis. Your contract is worthless.If you are sick, you must teach the classes you missed upon your return.
Oh yeah, each class is four hours long. Look before you leap man or the water may just be too deep.
Publish Date: 2004-8-9
Source: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?read=2527
Normal  Raffles Lasalle Shanghai   Details
Key Words:  Shanghai  Shanghai
Author: JUSTIN MARTIN <justmoi(at)outgun.com>
They pay on time. Every time. You get a legal work visa and all other necessary paperwork. Your colleagues are generally wonderful.The students are sweet (if somewhat unenthusiastic about English)
This is not an English school. They use the HEADWAY text books. I will say no more.
The Singaporean entrepreneurs who pride themselves on running this pseudo educational institution care ONLY about money.
You must work 45 hours each week.
Publish Date: 2004-7-15
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1089819947-33871.txt
Bad  Shanghai Normal University, English First Shanghai (EF Shanghai)   Details
Key Words:  Shanghai  Shanghai
Author: nativespeaker1
Foreign teachers at Shanghai Normal University--even relative oldtimers--were given only one-semester contracts this past September. The reason now seems to have emerged: the school on Guilin Lu in south Shanghai has contracted with corporate English First to run its one-year mandatory oral English course for third-year students. It appears that English First not only will supply the curriculum and supervision but also will have an HR function in determining what teachers will be rehired for the spring semester . . . And, of course, who won¡ät be rehired.
Publish Date: 2004-11-27
Source: http://www.englishschoolwatch.org/webboard_detail.php?topic_id=1061
Bad  TEFL Jobs Consulting Ltd Company (TEFL.CC)
Key Words: Wages, Salary Shanghai  
TitleTEFFL.CC Ware!
Author: Dos
I agree with the post about TEFL CC. We hired a teacher using them and an agent. The school paid the agent his fees but the agent then wouldn't pay the teacher his salary.
The school withheld further payment that was requested, as he had failed to pay the teacher. Don't use!
Publish Date: 2004-10-29
Source: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?read=3794
Bad  Tonghu Consulting, Yuzhen Group Shanghai   Details
Key Words: Contract, Tips, Advices Shanghai  Shanghai
Author: laodeng
This morning (Thursday, 26 August), I informed Tong Hu that they had unilaterally dissolved the contract through what would be called in Western law fraudulent misrepresentation. On no! was the reply: my wife and I had (once again) "misunderstood."
At this juncture, they are refusing to return my U. S. passport along with my green and red books.
Publish Date: 2004-8-26
Source: http://www.englishschoolwatch.org/webboard_detail.php?topic_id=913
Bad  Xuehui Science Kindergarten   Details
Key Words: Wages, Salary, Visa Shanghai  Shanghai
TitleXuehui Science Kindergarten
Author: Dawn <dservice(at)stardate.bc.ca>
Well it wasn't OK. Staff that left before me weren't paid and instead given 'official' looking documents with several official looking red stamps to seal the deception. Mr. Mi does not provide you with a work visa and insists that you don't need one cause he has 'contacts' in the police force, etc, etc.
Publish Date: 2004-1-6
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1073423233-77888.txt
Normal  Yucai Senior High School   Details
Key Words:  Shanghai  Shanghai
TitleSuburban Reflections
Author: Steve Ruelle <struelle(at)canada.com>
Pros: The campus was large, spacious, clean, and quiet. Free meals and dorms were provided to FTs. Class sizes were small, between 20-25 students for the orals, less for the optional courses I taught. Chinese teaching staff were very friendly and helpful.
Publish Date: 2004-7-2
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1088756381-33925.txt

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