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Good  Chuang Xin Foreign Language School   Details
Key Words:  Xinjiang  Dushanzi
TitleA position never advertised, but by GOD do they look after you!
Author: Charlotte    Send Message to Author
I went to teach at Chuang Xin Foreign Language School in Dushanzi, Xin Jiang, not knowing WHAT to expect. Sure, as with ANY foreign experience, there were frustrations (Chinese Post Office sucks!!) but I couldn't have found kinder people anywhere than at the school where I was teaching.
Publish Date: 2005-11-20
Source: http://www.abroadchina.org/html/cache=article396.htm
Good  English First Urumqi (EF Urumqi)   Details
Key Words:  Xinjiang  Urumqi
TitleWorking in Urumqi
Author: <ian_frankish(at)yahoo.co.uk>
I write this in the capacity of a happy employee of Urumqi English First. English First is a growing entity in China and being new it is not without it's teathing problems but to draw a picture the staff here are excellent, well looked after and comfortable even when the temperature drops well below zero during the winter months. There is an excellent working atmosphere at the centre, and all the staff enjoy the social side of life in the city.
Publish Date: 2004-6-10
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1086851546-58843.txt
Bad  Sunlight Bilingual School
Key Words: Wages, Salary, Visa Xinjiang  Shihezi
TitleSunlight Bilingual School, Shihezi
Author: AJ <eslteachersoz(at)hotmail.com>
I acceped a position at this school, only to learn appon arrival, the salary had dropped by 1000RMB, they expected me to be at school from 10am to 8.30pm every day, the bonus and a few other items in the contract also dissapeared, and the kindness they originally showed seemed to fly out the window too.
Sunlight Bilingual School is a private school with no authorisation to hire foreigners, they have only been around since 2001 and have only 800 students enroled. They need 3000 to make ends meet, which is why all the Chinese teachers there have had to take pay cuts this year.
Publish Date: 2004-9-13
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1095157480-84496.txt
Good  Tuha Petroleum Foreign Language School   Details
Key Words:  Xinjiang  Hami
TitleTuha Petroleum Foreign Language School, Hami, Xinjiang
Author: cnstefke
If you have taught in China before, then any problems you have encountered before will probably be repeated here. However, I have generally enjoyed my time (11 months) here.
Overall, I give the school 8/10, but I give the FAO about 3/10 - just watch her!
Publish Date: 2005-1-3
Source: http://p092.ezboard.com/fteachingenglishinchinafrm49.showMessage?topicID=101.topic
Bad  Xinjiang Guang Hua Private School   Details
Key Words: Visa Xinjiang  
TitleContract Language: Xin Jiang Guang Hua Private School
Author: Ingrid King <ingrid.king(at)btinternet.com>
1. Paying our holiday allowance (quite small) for July and August so far,
2. Not telling me about the ¡änecessary laws and requirements of China¡ä (according to contract)
that I need a re-entry visa when I leave China,
3. Not supplying me with the necessary visa (after re-entering China) but instead returning the passport to me after 2 weeks with the comment: not necessary,
4. The school has re-applied for the visa but now demands that I teach whilst waiting for the
work permit and Z visa and threatened to deduct a lot of money off my pay. They quote the
¡äprivate affairs¡ä section of the contract.
Publish Date: 2004-9-17
Source: http://www.englishschoolwatch.org/webboard_detail.php?topic_id=965
Good  Xinjiang Vocational University, Shandong Foreign Trade College
Key Words:  Xinjiang  Urumqi
Title2 Years
Author: Tom Colbert    Send Message to Author
I worked at 3 universities in 2 cities, Urumqi, and Qingdao. Most all public institutions are regulated by the government and offer about the same salary, 4,000 rmb a month, for 16 hour week, which is plenty for living expenses, beer is only 20 cents a bottle. Most Chinese teachers only make 2000 rmb a month. Its possible to make 12 American dollars an hour working at private schools, which is an option. You are primarily there as a marketing tool, "come to our school, we have 4 foreign teachers!" As long as you show up, and make a reasonable attempt to entertain the students, most will probably ignore you, the school administration will let you do what you want. I never had a problem with them not paying me on time, or anything like that. Oh, I went over on a tourist visa, getting a work visa was no problem.
Publish Date: 2005-5-25
Normal  Zhongzhi School   Details
Key Words:  Xinjiang  Urumqi
TitleI wish I was back in Zhong Zhi
Author: ellinore <ell_inore(at)hotmail.com>
For all the frustration I had with Zhong Zhi, I count it now, as my inexperience in China. Zhong Zhi was not half bad.
Publish Date: 2004-4-2
Source: http://www.eslcafe.com/jobinfo/asia/sefer.cgi?display:1080958496-24993.txt

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