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Wancheng International Education Center
I am currently in the process of lodging a complaint against Wancheng International Education Center, with the Foreign Affairs Office of Chongqing, in respect of the following items;

1 Breach of contract - failure to repay traveling expenses
2 Breach of contract - failure to pay airfare allowance of 1000 RMB per month
3 Deducting an unbelievably expensive electricity bill from my final pay and refusing to show me the actual electricity account
4 Failure to provide a 'confirmation of conclusion of employment' letter which is required to be given by a foreigner to the Foreign Affairs Office when applying for a new 'work permit' (Foreigner Residence Permit).

These are the simple facts. There were so many more unpleasant aspects of my employment with Wancheng that I sincerely caution anyone to think twice before joining this company.

For more information, I can be contacted at