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Test me if you like, but Delter will e-mail you and say they have openings in Shanghai / Beijing. Then after you've bought your non-refundable airfare, you will receive an e-mail saying they have an immediate need in another city; the agreed upon city no longer has any vacancies. You will be told you can 'transfer' after a short time. Dream on. You will be trapped once you get there, the DE will know nothing of the 'agreement' you have with Bing and will laugh if you say you agreed to transfer to another city. This is a very profit oriented business where the students run the school and foreign teachers are commodities. If you value your time in China, there are many other places to go. The 'contract' you sign via fax with Bing means nothing once you are in China. You are under the power of the local management…Bing won't contact you after you arrive, much less even remember your name. STAY AWAY unless you want to add meaning to the old cliché, 'there's one born every minute'. Any questions, I'm available.