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Dong Guan Summer Camp Polytechnic University
Today is the 24th of January 2005. My email is, and my name is Arielle Gabriel from Vancouver in Canada.
I would like to recommend this summer camp at the Dong Guan Polytechnic University, as a really happy experience. They may be hiring now. Write to the address, Dong Guan City - the postal service is bright, and will know what to do.

When I worked here the heat was quite bad, the food was great, the weekend trips very thoughtful and luxurious even, and the Chinese administrators such as Mr. Miao very diplomatic and considerate of the teachers, though the organization was staggeringly large - there were teachers from many many countries, and tons of excited kids and teens.

I feel I did not show enough appreciation for the great times I had in China, though there were certainly rough passages, the good people in China and their incredible attention to detail and helpfulness of me as a single person - I was becoming ill with a woman's health problem and had to come home to Canada - inspire me now to let those people know a big Thank You.

Also my teacher helpers such as Vicky and another girl ran around getting our Xeroxes and iced teas and our soya milks, and they too were a greatly helpful part.

There is a swimming pool and tennis courts, and also a curfew if you like to stay out late and drink.

The Chinese hosts took us to the best restaurants in town on the weekends, we had five hours of teaching a day - two in the afternoon more for fun, and the apartments were very attractive, and best of all the campus was enclosed with a circular driveway lined with gorgeous Chinese trees, flowers, and shrubbery.

The students took us to find all the best CDs, movies, and software at those fabulous Chinese prices of one to three dollars.

Keep your health up, and have fun, and try to give something memorable to the kids - they are the best.

Love from Arielle.