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Xuehui Science Kindergarten
Mr. Yiping Mi is recruiting teachers out of Vancouver to teach at several kindergartens in Shanghai. He advertises the pay to be $40,000 Canadian however he is very clever at whittling this down at every step in the contract process. I was already in Shanghai and looking for a new job as the one I had at IEN (Shanghai Fisheries University was pathetic) so I reluctantly signed a contract thinking it would be OK as it was short term. Well it wasn't OK. Staff that left before me weren't paid and instead given 'official' looking documents with several official looking red stamps to seal the deception. Mr. Mi does not provide you with a work visa and insists that you don't need one cause he has 'contacts' in the police force, etc, etc. All his blabbering is simply his attempt to make himself look powerful and in the process intimidate you. Once he's done that then he will very clevely manipulate you into teaching extrac hours by tutoring people that pay him a lot of money. And how much do you receive? 120 yuan/hour. This is very low tutoring rates for Shanghai. He insists it is a lot of money and you can save, save, save. I tutored a bank executive for one hour on a Tuesday night but spent 3.5 hours getting to her office, back again, and waiting for her while she had a 'important' meeting. Had I stayed I would have been paid for 1 hour. I told my employer I wasn't interested in tutoring for them because it took up too much of my time and they were offended and ask me if I considered travelling time to my regular job as part of the paid hours. "No", I said because I am there for about 8 hours.
Mr. Mi will also tell you about the professional working environment with all the resources. This is a huge joke. There are no English books or resources at the school. There are no English computers for you to produce your own resources and if you ask to use the computer in the office downstairs, the lovely woman who mans this space will yell and scream at you in Mandarin and then you will be told by the one Chinese teacher who speaks English: "don't go down there." 

This was the most unprofessional working environment I have ever been in. I left after three days. Don't waste your time.

January 6th, 2004
Vancouver, B.C.