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Excel-World English Kindergarten
This is my second job in China and the first time that I'm working at a kindergarten. I really enjoy it. It's in Changchun, Jilin Province. They want to franchise, a new school will open in Dalian soon. Excel is run by Singapore management. So their method of teaching is a mix between the Chinese and American. It's a Christian kindergarten, as much as can be allowed in China. . The owner, Annie, got a BA in Communications from a New York university. Her English is good, but not fluent. The management really listens to what you have to say. And you'll be taken to dinner, on trips, and site seeing.
They make all their materials, but have some English materials that they bought, such as Dr. Suess and Hooked on Phonics. I started in October and since then, their English program has gotten much better. 

There are five classes. One for 2 year olds, One for three year olds, 2 for four year olds, and one for five year olds. I teach in the four year old classes.

There are three teachers for a class. A foreign teacher, a chinese teacher, and a Chinese English teacher.

A typical day goes like this. (For my Class)Monday to Thursday
8-8:30 Exercise with English songs
8:30-9 Breakfast with English stories
9-9:30 one-on-one reading with Hooked on Phonics
9:30-10 Phonics reading
10-10:30 playtime, you get a break
10:30-11 Math, you get a break
11-11:30 Conversation
11:30-12 lunch
12-2:30 nap time
2:30-3:15 Snack, English stories, class with the other four year olds
3:15-3:45 English DVD
3:45-4:15 English review
4:15-4:45 Your Chinese lesson

Friday is assembly day. There is a Bible story, skit with morals, such as don't pick your nose. Listen to your teacher. And then games. The afternoon consists of art, and music.

There are about 30 or so teachers, only three foreign teachers. The other two have worked in kindergartens for about four years each. Everyone is incredibly dedicated to their work and love the kids. 

I didn't really know what to expect when I came up here. But, I'm happily surprised. You will have to work hard. The parents put a lot of pressure on the teachers and the kids to learn English. But I think that it's worth it.

You can PM me. Naturegirl321

Sharon Couzens
7 January 2004 
ChangChun City, China