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Leaving Pingxiang Ind. Vocational &Tech. College
Firstly many thanks to all of the kind supportive emails sent to me offering advice and help, but you will all be happy to know the nightmare is over. The college started paying me on time and they reconnected my phone. Most of all they realized that it was probably best to cancel the contract in a friendly manner and made all the preperations needed for me to leave quickly and without any fuss. They paid me in full and up to date and were friendly enough helping me with my bags to the taxi and seeing us off. They are going to pay me my airfare as well.
In all the experience was very enlightening and working in China is completely different to working back home. I truly believe a lot of the problems may not have been the school's fault per say but rather miscommunication, which I am sure both of us will improve on. As for me I am going back home happy and more astute after living and working in China.

Mariam Goldzstein