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One year, and back for a second one
Quick Intro about me: 
I taught Oral, Writing, and Business English in Beijing (2 months), Xian (10 months), and then went back to the states … but not for long … I came back … this time in shanghai. I am American, 24 years old, BBA degree in business. 

Ok … now … After reading all your mail I have come to realize that there are two types … one that bashes China and Chinese schools, culture, and people … and then the other type which kisses so much Chinese ass … for the sake of a few dollars, or to keep that under-age girlfriend of his or something. (cant understand why on earth would anyone need to be a brown nose in 2004). 

Anyway … as for the first group … you guys suck … because you forget to accompany your emails with some positive feedback. You have to admit that the food is great, and that the people in general, especially some of the students, have very warm hearts, and truly want to learn English (unlike the majority of others). But then again, wasn't it the same when you were a student? Only a few cared to study, and the rest were busy passing notes and throwing paper-planes at each other … and you were probably one of the latter! So please give me a break about all this nonsense about "students don’t study". Maybe the fact that they don’t care about you so much, or care to learn, is cuz you SUCK AT TEACHING. It takes more than white skin and blue eyes to teach you know. 

And for the second type … why on earth would you need to do that? You cant be serious! And you cant bullshit us by telling us that the environment and school and leaders and everything is just PERFECT. We all know that things in Chinese schools (both government and private) cannot be perfect, and there is always something wrong, especially the way they treat their students. So shame on you for kissing up to your corrupt masters!

Hehe … ok now about my personal experience … it's really very simple … love the food, love the people, love the culture, love the music, and hate the corrupt people cuz they could get real nasty at it … and they learn their corruption skills from the master of all corruption: THE WEST! If there is anything more hypocritical … it is these lousy people who posted on this site boasting about their own Western culture when comparing it to the Chinese one. 

Yeah it's true Chinese people spit in the street! But At least they don't wage wars and drop bombs and kill millions of innocent people around the world! Yeah maybe they underpay their workers, but so does the West, and they are good at it too, specifically talking about the US, UK, and Australia … not that the rest are innocent. 

Instead of whining so much about it, and "leaving", why not stay and try to make some decent and positive change? But you better lose that racist arrogant (I have white skin and blue eyes and I am Christian) attitude. Cuz that will not get you anywhere.

Overall, I have to say that I love China, and I can live the rest of my life here. Bad school or good school, it's all GOOD EXPERIENCE, so I would recommend working in China by all means, especially as a foreign teacher. It's good stuff, a very rewarding experience. 

Happy New Lunar Year.