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Visa warning
As the new term starts I see many recruiters are offering postions in various Chinese locations and summer camps, suggsting all you need is a tourist or business visa. 
Please, please, be careful. I am currently trying on behalf of 5 groups of people now to get their money from this type of agent. You will likely only be granted a travel visa, a business visa usually requires an offical letter of invitation. You cannot legally work on a travel visa… yes, I know people do, and your agent will say it's Ok, but so far I have 18 young people who have been threatened by the agent when it comes to getting paid. It is a terror tactic to avoid paying you, threatening to report you as an illegal worker etc. If you go to the police, they will be semi sympathetic, you probably not will suffer any abuse or jail despite the agents threats, but you will still be fined and deported, effectively you have lost the fight. Furthermore, even if you are granted a legal work visa by the recruiter, it is generally only valid if you work for him, but he will sub contract you, which is illegal and places you at risk of never getting paid. Especially if it is a summer or short term employment offer. You will have worked for nothing. So, please, please think about it, use your brain. I have nothing to gain from this, I am not suggesting one school or what ever is better than others, but please, avoid agents and recruiters unless you are here and can talk to others who have worked for them, Stay with the main stream schools, training centres etc. Sure, an agents offer of 8 to 10 k rmb is better than xyz school of 5 or 6 k rmb, but in the end you have to have the money in your hand!!!!