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Aipusen, formally called 'Options' was an OK organization to work for when I was there 5 years ago. Ideally, it is a good school for new teachers, but certainly is not for most teachers with valid certification or experience. If you are young or have the energy to take running around town teaching 25+ lessons a week at five or more different schools, in intense heat and humidity, then you might fare well. I was like that, and would do it again if I did not know better. But after working for a few other organizations in China, I look back at Aipusen/Options as a great growing experience, but never to do again. In reality, if you don't have the qualifications/experience then accept Aipusen, because they pay well (and need to because of the demands they make on you). After you acquire experience/qualifications, you may get a chance to climb the ladder into more prestigous organizations, with less working hours, more variety of teaching, and similar or higher pay. Also, Aipusen is mostly about teaching children, and the children you teach can make it for you, but if are not a children person don't do it. Also accept China as it is. Chinese and Westerners will always have communication problems wherever you work, including Aipusen - if you have more of an understanding of these typical problems and Chinese culture, you can avoid these problems and engage into great relationships with the Chinese. Also consider the fact that you will work with a variety of Westerners, some uneducated and uncultured, some widely experienced and honourable, and mostly other regular or wild 'joes/josephines' looking for fun, adventure/ or a new experience.