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Yang-En - A Good Place to Teach
As a UK/Oz/Canadian professional with 35 years' experience as a lawyer and manager, I read with amusement the diatribes of disgruntled ex-employees who, for various reasons of their dysfunctionality (alcohol, drugs, mental illness), couldn't cut it at Yang-En University. I'm astounded at Yang-En's tolerance of these people who disgrace the reputation of the rest of us who are professionals.

I have taught English for 10 months in China now, 8 months at Yang-En. Yes, the classes are large. Yes, the campus is remote - it is the real China with no pollution. Yes, it is a private university with a profit objective. It's a pity the UK universities don't have the same objective, they would be in better shape.

But I teach only 14-16 hours a week Mon-Fri 8-4 (no evenings or weekends) for a good salary, I have a nice apartment, cheap cost of living, I am paid for nearly 5 weeks of vacation in which I have travelled China, I enjoy a subtropical climate, great Chinese people, students and teachers, and a westernized V-P who takes care of our concerns. We are paid on time into our bank account, overtime is paid promptly, and there is a shuttle bus to classes.

I do tai ji, learn Mandarin, learn to play the horn, write, socialize, and learn Chinese culture. What a privilege to travel and learn and be paid for it. 

Susan Morley
Yang-En University
Quanzhou, Fujian 362014