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Beware of Cixi Experimental Middle School
I would strongly advise anyone considering going to teach at Cixi Experimental Middle School to avoid going there. Contract is not honoured, accommodations are terrible (dormatory is like a jail) and food is mostly cold and very unappetizing. The city has no life and is there is nothing to do there in the evenings. Dealing with the owner is very difficult as he is away most of the time (now resident in Canada) and when he is there is too busy with his factories to pay much attention to the school situation and needs of foreign teachers.
Having a shoer is difficult as there is only hot water for one hour a day. That is from five pm to six pm which also happens to be dinner time. Take you pick eat or have a shower. Rooms are very cold in winter as most do not have any heat. We did have an electric heater which we operated 24 hours a day (at least while electricity was on) and managed to get the room up to 11 or 12 degrees C.
Classes have 56 students in them so it is pretty difficult to achieve much success teaching them English Conversation for 45 minutes once a week. By the way the students are very good but are in class from 6:30 am. To 9:30 with breaks for lunch and dinner. Pretty tiring schedule for them and also their teachers.
From Mike on 4 th March 2004. Parksville, Canada.