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1. Is your degree a degree in English? 
2. Are you a qualified teacher? 
3. Could you get a teaching job in your own country? 
If any of the people moaning about poor wages answered "no" to these questions (and I suspect most of you did), then you have no right whatsoever to be complaining about your wage.

Let me ask a few more.

4. Do you earn more money and get more benefits (a much nicer apartment etc.) than your Chinese counterparts, despite the fact that they're more suitably qualified for the job?
5. Do you work fewer hours than you would in your own country?
6. Do you have expensive hobbies (clubbing etc.) or buy expensive products (Vodka etc.) that the Chinese generally don't?
7. All the rubbish that the Chinese tell you about being a "foreign expert" in order to persuade you to sign a contract - have you let it go to your head?
8. If money concerns you so much, then why don't you go to Taiwan, South Korea or Japan where you can make a lot more money teaching? - Actually, I can answer this question for you - "because you need to be more qualified to teach in these countries".

Last point. With most of the postings I've seen concerning this subject, the standard of English has being appalling. You're getting paid too much already!

Phil (UK) 7.3.04. Changzhou.