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Be careful with illegal Chinese schools
Dear Teachers,

This is from an insider in China talking about illegal schools in China.

In order to recruit foreign teachers to teach in their schools, the schools must pass strict government requirements as to employ foreign teachers. They should be granted by the government the rights.

Many schools around China are running illegally to employ foereign teachers to work for them as part-time teachers and full-time teachers.

How do illegal schools run ?
Sure thing their status is illegal, in order to make their teachers with illegal visas to work, the schools have to established a "strong" relationship with local police station with the employment of money. Even the teachers with travel visas can work for them becaue the local police station chiefs are influenced ,so that they will not cause troubles to the schools and their teachers. To work for illegal parties, terms and conditions are not well protected by law, because the law does not protect illegality in the world.So in this case , many illegal Cinese schools do breech the contracts and mistreat the teachers, but the teachers cannot take the schools to court because the teachers would be punished together with the schools. So their interests are inter-related together.

There is a good side to mention: To work for illegal schools is banned; but if you do not like to school , you will fire the schools with ease wihout causing legal procedures. When to fire and leave them is a big issue----please make sure your interests are materialised ahead and then leave them and find a better school.

For an ESL teacher, it is virtually important to be aware of which school is illegal and which is legal in order to make a nice living and teaching in China.