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China is great but ..
First my warning goes to the East China IT School in Fuchou, in Jiangxi Province.
You have to sign a contract as quickly as possible but they want do so them self. Shortly there after you could get fired for no reason what so ever for no particular reasons, or if you have a Chinese girlfriend, this school will not let you live with here because she is Chinese. There are racist against there own people at this school and treat there own people very miserably.
All of the current foreign teachers are extremely dissatisfied because EVERYTHING get's blamed on the foreign teachers while the foreign affairs office don want to admit any wrong doings you will be fired without notice, without any warning and without any airfare reimbursement because there haven't signet any contract.
Beware teachers of this school as well as of this school Agents who get your this school.
They might work together
I love china as a whole with all its beauty and poor and pure but I am having a big problem with chines empty promises and constantly telling you you "Have to understand the Chinese people and there culture" We are not here equally to understand there people and culture (this is just our curiosity) but we are here to teach our western style and to explain our western world, after all that is what they want and what they should know now since there finally free to do business with us and teach the correct way english not the Chinese english.
Good Luck