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JUFE - To be avoided.
JUFE stands for Jinagxi University of Finance and Economics. The “university” part of the name is in my view a sham as in reality it is merely a glorified College engaged in a money grabbing exercise. This institution (which I had the misfortune of working at for a full year) is one of the worst I have ever encountered during my 4 years as an educator in China. It is a degree-mill pure and simple and very little attention is paid to ensuring the delivery of quality education. Most of the students (some of whom have paid large amounts to attend) feel cheated, deceived and overwhelmingly disappointed. It is say to say that the prevailing atmosphere is less than jolly.
The feelings of the students are mirrored by those of all the foreign teachers I know that have ever taught here. Not one of us failed to regret not signing a 6-month contract instead of a year. Virtually every conceivable problem from administrative mendacity right through to poor accommodation, spying and even theft is present here. I do not want to write an essay on this topic but suffice it to say that anyone who requires an Iliad is welcome to E-Mail me.
If you care about delivering a quality education, making a difference, honesty, getting paid, having a proper Visa document, real medical cover, your personal safety, cleanliness, a good diet, your privacy or being treated like a person rather than an object then you should definitely NOT come to JUFE. Here you can be assured of nothing except an unwillingness to fulfill their end of the contract agreement on the part of the FAO veiled by a shroud of lies. This place is without doubt one to avoid. I only wish that I had.
Josh Adams
Durham, England