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I wish I was back in Zhong Zhi
If you read the reports posted by Dave regarding Zhong Zhi in Urumqi, I have a bit of a follow-up. I was one of the teachers there that left. I did fulfill my contract before leaving, but Dave and I were the last of the group. In retrospect though I must admit that the dissatisfaction with Zhong Zhi was in great part due to my total American indoctrination. I did (and still do) believe in individual rights, and am coming to the shocking realization, that individuality ranks right up there with claustophobia in China…totally non-existent. The disrespect we received at Zhong Zhi was the same disrespect that everyone gives and gets here. I left and came to a "better" school, in a more "modern" city. A school that offered so much more than Zhong Zhi. These offered benefits are non-existent, and compared to this school, Zhong Zhi was great. We were offered hot water 24 hours in the bathroom, we have none at anytime, we were told there would be T.V., we have a T.V., but no reception, we were told that we would have a shuttle every weekend to take us wherever we wanted to go (we are miles from anywhere), we have a shuttle, when no one else wants it, anytime we want, as long as it is Sunday between 10-12:30, and as long as we want to go where they take us. They told us we would have a kitchen, we do, but no stove, a stove vent, but no stove…and no table. It took us months to get the internet promised, then it is so intermittant, that many of us just give up. We were promised western, Muslim and Chinese food. I have never seen Muslim, and one time they did give us silverware. The Chinese fare is rarely even edible.
The leaders have never spoken with us, in fact we still do not know who many of them are. They banquet, they party, they meet, they make schedules, and we are left in the dark about most everything. If we want to know our schedule, it is best we check with a student.

For all the frustration I had with Zhong Zhi, I count it now, as my inexperience in China. Zhong Zhi was not half bad. I would welcome those friendly faces, those dinners and parties we all shared and the many teacher friends I made there. Can't say communication was that great, but that is just China. At least we were invited to participate in everything the teachers and leaders did. And they seemed to be concerned if we were uncomfortable. Many of our complaints were met with solutions. Here we are only tolerated and our discomforts are of no concern. In fact, if we complain there are veiled threats, and some not so veiled. We are now being charged for things that were suppose to be included, and we assume that if we offer to pay, we might get hot water.

I will not put down the name of the school where I am presently teaching, but if you are looking and want to make sure you do not accidently fall into their lying trap…you can email me.

Shanghai, China 2000135