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ACE-Anglo Chinese Education BEWARE!!
Further to the entry of February 2004, I should reinforce what this person is stating. The salaries are not what are offered. They deduct 2,000 Pounds sterling, which they pay as a living allowance of 2,000RMB per month (approx 133 pounds). This is about 1500 pounds a year, so you are losing 500 pounds a year before you start!!
They offer free accommodation, but in fact, when you arrive, you are told the rent is "over the budget" so you have to pay 3,000RMB for your rent a year.

The workload is absolutely phenomenal. You have to be in the office 8.45am until 5pm, and then have huge piles of marking to do. Weekends are eaten into with parents meetings on Saturdays, training sessions at HQ,team-building exercises….so no time to do any travelling anywhere, even if you are not too exhausted anyway.

There is absolutely no support….the previous staff leave and wipe out everything on the computers, and destroy every piece of paper or materials.This is an indication of how desperately discouraged and mistreated staff feel. All the textbooks are illegally photocopied texts of poor quality, although the Chinese students are paying massive fees. One teacher in Chengdu is currently suing the company in Chengdu for unfair dismissal, and has won the first court hearing.

Think very carefully before applying to the recent positions posted on 21st April (don't they just reek of desperation??) About 90% of ex-pat teachers are leaving, and those remaining do so as they have families and other commitments. Chengdu, China