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Re: Physical Attractiveness in China
I've seen a few posts about dating in China, specifically about dating Chinese girls. I'll warn you in advance, I am myself a girl so you may think my opinion doesn't count. This comes only from observation so please excuse me if you think I'm wrong. 
Chinese girls who date foreign guys tend to fall into three categories, and only one of them is good. These are:

1) Smart, independent girls who don't care what anyone else thinks. I have some great friends in China who fit into this category, and I would want any of my male friends to have a girlfriend like this because they rock.

2) Desperate girls who want a passport, a better life, or maybe just a husband to take care of them. These girls are sad, and often fit into the forementioned "bottom rung of the social pyramid" category. Basically, they will date any guy who will take them, even if that guy is a wino who treats them like dirt.

3) Whores. These girls are the ones who give all Chinese girls a bad name. Basically these girls will sleep with anyone for money, and will usually start making huge demands (like "Pay my college tuition") to her boyfriend within a couple of weeks if not days. 

It's an interesting topic. Not very job-related but definitely a favourite item of discussion among my mostly male friends in China. Tell me what you think.


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