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Luliang teachers College - an ideal place to teach
Lishi, China - May 5th 2004 -
My name is Emily Lord, I am 22 years old and a VSO volunteer at Luliang Teachers College in Shanxi province. I have just come across a rather insulting piece of information about this college that has disturbed me greatly. I feel that I should correct the harmful things that have been said about this college and the people whom I have come to love dearly.
Lishi is set right in the heart of Luliang District surrounded by mountains, it is poor like many areas of China but if it is the real china you are looking for then this is the place. If you are anything like me then you will see a place like this as an adventure and an experience that will always stay with you and never be forgotten. 
The man who published this information in October 2003 lived here for just one month. He lacked experience in teaching and had no understanding of a different culture. He mentioned in his message that many people stared at him. This is only natural especially if you are living in an area where there are no foreigners. If he had any knowledge or compassion, then he would know that the locals and students were simply interested in him and eager to know more about him. The students especially wanted to learn English from him. I have lived here for almost one year now and always find it a pleasure when I leave my flat and I am greeted by so many people saying 'hellooo' to me, wanting to make friends with me and are willing to help me in any way that they can. I found that this man had very violent tendencies to people that wanted to look at him and even started a fight in an internet café when some students showed interest in what he was writing. I found this irresponsible behaviour for a man of his age.
When the man arrived at the college he was warmly welcomed by myself, my placement partner and college leaders. He had just left a teaching post in the city of Datong also in Shanxi Province and had complained a great deal about this college aswell. He mentioned that he had not been provided with the appliances that he had requested upon arrival. If he had any patience whatsoever then after his secret departure in the middle of the night, he would have been provided with a new computer with broadband connection etc. There is now a lovely Japanese lady who teaches at the college and lives in the newly refurbished flat that he complained so much about. She is thouroughly enjoying her experience and is very comfortable.
He also mentioned that loud music was played in the early mornings. You will find that this is apparent on every campus in every college you go to in China. The students like to exercise in the mornings and listen to the news. It is a part of everyday life and I was surprised that this bothered him so much. The night before this man left he vandalised the college by cutting the wire that leads to the loud speakers thus preventing the students and teachers from activities that take place in the mornings. I was angered and shocked when I heard this news. Do you really think that this is responsible behaviour? 
I ask you to ignore the insulting things that have been written about this college. If you are ever interested in teaching in China, then you should consider a place like this. The people are extremely hospitable, caring, welcoming and fun to be around. Lishi to me is a very special place that I will always think of very fondly.
If you ever have any questions about this college or about China then please don't hesitate to contact me.