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A Positive Experience at Xi 'an U. of Technology
If you're interested in teaching English to university students you may want to consider Xi 'an University of Technology, in central China. 
I worked as the Oral English Teacher there for one year and I will be returning in the fall for a second year as I found the school to have many good attributes.

Firstly, the Foreign Affairs Office staff are trustworthy and kind. They will look after the working visa, residence card and any other concerns you may have. You will also be paid every month on time.

You will teach several different classes where workbooks will be provided but you will be able to incorporate your own materials as well.

The foreign teachers have their own office with computers, printer and internet. The school also provides each teacher with their own modest-sized apartment free of charge, which is adjacent to the school.

You will teach 20 50-minute classes per week, Monday to Friday. The school is looking for 1 Foreign Expert (Masters required) and 2 Foreign Teachers who are native English speakers. The salary for the Foreign Expert is 5500 RMB per month and 4000 RMB per month for teachers. Although this is not a high salary, it's enough to live on comfortably in Xi 'an and you'll likely be able to save about half.

Xi 'an is a city of 7 million with lots to see and do. The air quality could be better, but it's filled with friendly people and the cost of living is low.

Saving the best for last, I'd like to say that the students are great. They're sweet, diligent and enthusiastic.

If you're a serious teacher who would like to teach young adults in a cool city and at a decent school, please consider this school. The next semester starts Sept. 1/04.

I'll be the first to admit that living in China isn't for everyone. But if you're a person who's patient, flexible and open to trying a new and often interesting lifestyle, quite different from North America, you'll settle in well.

For more information on the school or Xi 'an, please e-mail me at: 


Jennifer Acres
Ottawa, Canada May 13/04