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Where is the love?
I have been teaching at middle school in a semi-rural city in Hubei province for nearly 9 months now. The animal abuse is horrific. I just cannot bear this treatment of living things. Yesterday a dog who had been wandering around the school was clubbed to death outside my apartment. It's screams will haunt me for the rest of my life. It was simply too terrible for words.
"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be measured by the way it's animals are treated" - Ghandi.

China will never be as great as the West, never. I believe that all the underlying problems in China are rooted in the absense of religion. Just as we learn maths to develop our logical mind (who uses X and Y in real life), religion teaches us to love. All religions true underlying principle is to love. And a nation such as China which has been built without love, like a wall built without cement, will not stand the test of time. I believe there is only one God and all the religions of the world are merely variations of this entity of love and compassion.

What can I do? I am only one man… China is so big…. There are so many innocents being killed. If I just learn to ignore it, am I any better than the thing commiting murder? I feel so utterly helpless… Is there any person that can help me? Surely something can be done.

Jon-Jon Piasecki
25 May 2004