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Going Back to Guan Ya for Summer Program
Hi everyone! I'm Charles from Canada. I just finished a six month contract with Guan Ya and will be going back for their summer program. I was a total pain in the ass for them. I started asking for things right away. I can't think of one thing I asked for and didn't receive. Starting with a special schedule and ending with a letter of release and recommendation letter so I could easily start my new job at a public middle school. 
I was immediately supplied with an apartment, visa, residence permit and a short time later experts certificate. Not to mention 600 rmb for my first week of training. The training is very good and they give you books for all your classes. Every class has a Chinese teacher to help you. It's great to have help sometimes. Guan Ya only has fully qualified Chinese teachers and I never had a problem with any of my teachers.

Guan Ya treated all the foreign teachers to a great Christmas dinner at the Trader's Hotel. There was a huge buffet with turkey and all the fixings. Free bar. Live entertainment and games. I think they really went the extra mile for us. I brought my Chinese girlfriend and she was very impressed. They also sponsored a Halloween party at Finn and Echo, and a ski trip. The Chinese staff had a huge party at the Liaoning Building and all the foreign teachers were welcome.

I have had a chance to get to know a lot of the foreign and Chinese staff working in the head office. They are all very professional. I don't know much about buisness administration but it's reassuring to have a team of people working together for you. The office is divided into departments but is wide open and highly communicative. If you do have a big problem you can just go to the office and it is easy to find who ever you need to help you. It's like a big open door of people to help you solve your problems.

I have been in China for more than a year. I came through an agency in Beijing. I was lied to and controlled. I didn't feel happy or safe. But while working for Guan Ya I never worried. I could spend money freely without worrying about getting paid on time. I partied with all the other foreign teachers and had the best time of my life. Shenyang is a hot spot for fun. 

I am sorry to hear my very good friend did not have as great an experience as me. Mabey it's because you could drive a truck through my livingroom and I wouldn't get upset. I know for sure one thing. If you want to feel safe yet not be controlled then Guan Ya may be good for you. Good luck friends. If you have any questions please email me. 

Charles Lipscombe