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Shenyang Ligong University
My partner and I have been teaching at Shenyang Ligong University since February this year. After reading all the horror stories on this site I had prepared myself for the worst experience possible. However, we have been pleasantly surprised. Mary Lee secured the job for us at the University and her follow up support has been just terrific. The school is fairly new and is not completely finished but quite impressive. There are about 18,000 students here. Our apartment, being a double, is more than adequate and is brand new. It is on campus and we were given bikes to get to and from class. Our pay is hand delivered on time, sometimes early. If the teachers have any genuine problems they are handled quickly and quite often Mary will take you personally to appointments, etc., if she is in town. Only negatives are the hot water is on for 4 hours only and the internet connection is sometimes slow. But This is China !! All in all we have no regrets about coming Shenyang Ligong University and are looking forward to the next term here. Chris Cahill & Alex Scherbakoff - Shenyang, China