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Cannot Trust and cannot believe in chinese people.
I am an Indian. I worked for EF zhengzhou in Henan pr. Though I know I am not a native but because there was no other teacher the boss had no objection in keeping and inviting me from Qingdao. The aim was to get the students back into the school and keep this EF running from being stopped. I went there and saw that me and my chinese wife were put in shared apartment. I mean this was real craziness. They lie and just believe in lieing. Chinese people I wonder can ever be trusted. They say something and do something. And after sometime there was one british man who came and took over as dos of the EF. He was kind and generous. He helped me to get my money. My money was handed over to a cooking lady of EF there and was told to give me the money only before I leave my home after 30 days. 

Guess what happened. We waited for that lady and next day we came to know that the that lady ran away with my money. O god. My salary is gone. Nothing is left. My boss is in Beijing entertaining another foreign teacher. O god whats this happening!!!!!! What is another person doing to another person? What kind of world are we living in? O god I just hate this country, with all my strengths.