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WARNING: ALL Foreign Experts (Part One)
For the attention of Foreign Experts working in China:
Recently it has come about that the Foreign Experts Bureau of Arbitration no longer exists in Beijing. Instead, it duties and influence has been placed upon the Provincial Bureaus in dealing with foreign contractual disputes.

WARNING: If you happen to live in a province which attaches no importance to the laws, decrees, and regulations written in and governing your contract, you are at risk.

If a Provincial Foreign Experts Bureau decided not to investigate any contractual or other such disputes, as a Foreign Expert you have NO RIGHTS.

There no longer exists a higher authority (such as the Beijing Foreign Experts Bureau of Arbitration) which is able to endorse your contractual rights, and thus all foreign experts in such situations are defenceless against penalty and more seriously expulsion from the P R of China.

Contractually, if a dispute arises between the employer and employee, arbitration will be forthcoming in order to conclude and / or resolve the civil disagreement. However, if the arbitration does not start, then the employee, NOT the employer, will be subject to penalties enacted by the PSB.

This reluctance on behalf of the Foreign Experts Bureau of Arbitration means that the employer may block attempts by the employee to lawfully change their place of work, block attempts made by any third party to legally obtain resident permit documentation, and ultimately block any attempt by the employee to continue with a life in the P R of China.

This is an EXTREEMLY IMPORTANT issue when considering work in China, and also for those who are currently resident in China.

Foreign Experts are ultimately defenceless with regard to contractual / employment disputes.

For further information contact

PS: I myself am currently being charged 30,000 RMB (2000 Pounds Sterling) due to my previous employers (Harbin Normal University) withholding pay for two months and refusing to pay airfare, myself trying to legally leave my contract after 6 months, having been refused arbitration by the HARBIN and HEILONGJIANG Arbitration Bureau (via bribes I guess), being refused my residence permit due to Harbin Normal University withholding my severance letter (even though my contract has legally expired with them!), and being shunned by lawyers who refused to deal with foreign disputes.

And the situation worsens day by day with current threats of imprisonment. The British Consulate is unreachable (due to lunch I guess!), so I await my sentence in silence…