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Life without chopsticks!!
David,26/06/2004,, Nanchang.China.
I have taught english in China for about two years, but the main problem has been not enough teachers, and too much work, particularly for dedicated teachers, they are in very short supply, paricularly in Nanchang. Teaching has been an amazing experience, the biggest problem has been finding my way through the education system, it is very complex compared to New Zealand, and also some schools do not understand anything about visas, but I think the Government is tightening up on "cowboy" training schools who will take any one , and they don't worry about what kind of visa you work on. Universities and registered schools have to follow certain procedures when employing a foreign teacher. One training school I was at got me new visa prior to my return to New Zealand for break, and on coming back through Shenzen, the chinese police politely said you can't enter China, the school had provided me with a "0" entry visa, and this school was probaly the biggest in this city, so I had to go back to Hong Kong stay the night ang get a visa the next day to come back into china!!
I am now at a University, but they left it for 6 weeks to renew my visa, and the police wanted a large sum of money as I was in China illegally!!, not my problem, I had given the school my passport etc, but the office girl was new and just kept putting off renewing it, it still cost me 2000RMB and it wasn't my fault!!I just had to bite the bullet and pay up, but needless to say I am not teaching here this semester.
Another humorous incident was, one day I had to make a mad rush to go to the toilet, the squat ones,and my cellphone fell out of my pocket into the deep abyss, but no matter, luckily it was in a wallet, and I managed to fish it out, take it to Chian Mobile, and they dried it with a hair drier,and I was in business again, I told them I had dropped it into the dishwater!!
So don't hesitate if you want to meet very friendly and helful people, and live in avery safe environment, and make some new lifelong friends, In China they say " Nothing is final"..and
" Everyhting is a relationship"