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Myself, my partner and his father scored a job for this school, in Jiangyin city, near Wuxi. 

The school we worked for previously told us they were transferring us to their branch school - except it was under a different name, different company - basically they were just friends with the owners of the other company. So they lied about that.

We had our salary for 25 teaching hours a week but they insisted we had to be there 40 hours a week to get paid - and there was no syllabus - they had no real way of teaching.

One slimy snake worked under our boss and was always telling us what to do, how to teach - but he had no teaching experience. He couldn’t even speak English that well. 

And they have Spyware on the computers - so they were always accessing our email accounts daily - and deleting any messages they thought they should. 

My partner's father was finishing his contract with another school and rushed here because our school said they needed him. 
He got here and started working on the 1st - yet one of the slimy snake staff wrote from the 15th on his contract and they were only gonna pay him half a months salary.

When he asked for a full months salary like he deserved - they FIRED him!!!
His work visa had a short period, which they were gonna renew for him.
This school is not legally able to hire foreigners - and when they find someone they can hire cheaper - they WILL.

We tried talking, negotiating about his salary but it was no good.
So my partner and I missed classes out of protest and threatened to quit if he didn’t get his money. 
They agreed. 
But the boss has told all staff not to talk to us, not to have anything to do with us. 

So a warning: DON’T work at this school if you've any sense.
This is my 2nd bad experience in China (not as many as some, I know).

We're now planning to go on, so if anyone knows a good school in Shenzhen or thereabouts, or has any questions about china you can email me on:

Emma Longman
City: Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province
Country of Residence: United Kingdom