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beware Tianjin university of Finance and Commerce
They say please beware of the wolf in sheep clothing. This is the case here. Although you have a contract do not expect it to be completely honored to the letter for they will change it at their will. When I first got here no apartment and the other things in the contract but I did get a room. If it wasn't for the assistant dean of the English department it would have been a bad hair experience all the way. But he will not be here so you will no have a person to help you. Their thinking is in the dark ages and the programs are equal to the task. Although you can bring most subjects to the classroom except for the usual. Do not expect the students to participate in your class. In 110 students I had 10% that did take active part. Please note that you will need to have some degree of Chinese level to teacher here for the English department is actual the Chinese conversation area for everyone includidng the dean. If you have trouble you are alone in the sinking ship. I have been in China for a couple of years this university would rate at 2, for I have been to worse. 07/09/04
Ernest Henri
Tianjin University of Commerce
Tianjin City, China