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Harbin Star Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel inclined to give warning to anyone who is looking at working for Harbin Star Foreign Language School. The contract looks great, the package looks great, the management and school look great. They LOOK great. Be warned. The current management or DOS is a roller coaster ride. Her name is Tina. She seems great, she sounds great, and she will email you and tell you mostly the truth about the school. She will even be nice to you for your first 2 weeks here. But, it is all a show. She is unorganized, un-respectful, irresponsible, rude, and she may even be mentally insane. 

Things have happened at this school that you wouldn't even believe. The Chinese staff have keys to your apartment and can enter whenever they please. It has happened when teachers have been sleeping or in the shower; and, money has gone missing. You are told that there is an onsite canteen or cafeteria, but the food is inedible. It makes even the Chinese students ill. Transportation is provided, but it is terrible if you are working off-site. You will finish work some days at 10 o'clock am and the bus is at 4:30pm. They will not pay your bus fare either. On top of that, it is a studentís bus that picks you up at 6:50am every day for your 1-hour bus ride to work. Some teachers have signed on to teach university and have been forced to teach at the elementary, middle, and high schools. The English teachers are paid more money than the Canadian and American teachers. One teacher became ill and had to miss 2 weeks of school because they were forced to stay in the hospital. That teacher was forced to make up those hours even though they were seriously ill. Another teacher has appendicitis and the school wouldn't pay for anesthesia, his appendix was removed while Chinese hospital workers were holding him down and he was screaming. Another teacher had money removed from his account by the administration, without warning! 

All together, Harbin itself is a great city; there is nothing wrong with it. China is great, again nothing that wrong. But this school is a nightmare!!!! If you have any questions, about anything. If you have been recruited and have any doubts, send me an email; I will email you back about anything.