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Wuhan TDM: pros and cons
We are two of the twenty or so foreign teachers here at TDM Language College in Wuhan, China. We've both been teaching here for more than one year, so I guess that means we're generally satistfied with the work situation here. Note that there are two school locations within Wuhan: Hankou and Wuchang. We are in Hankou, so this report is mostly about Hankou. Anyway, here are some of the pros and cons of working at this school, in our opinions:
- good location in terms of night life, shopping, social life, etc.
- friendly Chinese office staff, family atmosphere
- small classes (usually no more than twelve)
- salary seems to be higher than most other commercial english training centers
- every teacher gets a computer with internet in his/her room (unshared rooms)
- teachers' residences are in the same building as the classrooms, which is convenient
- teachers are paid every week (as opposed to every month)

- Wuhan is extremely hot in the summer and quite cold in the winter
- some teachers complain about stuff like noisy air conditioners, sink not working, etc.
- the gate to our residence gets locked at about 12 midnight, and to come in after that you need to wake up the gatekeeper. There have been incidences of the gatekeeper taking a long time to wake up and open the door.
- classrooms are sometimes a bit "trashed" by the students in terms of broken desks, garbage on the floor, etc.

I hope that gives you a better picture of the situation here. Good luck in your life in China.