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Beware - Enlighten / ment Consultants - Shanghai
I have just received a phone call from Enlighten / Enlightenment Consultants this afternoon (the company that I work for) saying that they are firing me and I have to leave my accomodation by tomorrow. 
They are citing that I didn't do my job properly because I refused a 40 minute Kindergarten class in the summer break and also I refused to do a 2 hour Kindergarten class during the summer break, even though I told them at the start of the summer break I had a summer camp to do on that day. Although I did do 14 other 2 hour blocks of lessons at Kindergartens for them during this summer break.

All through last term I was on time for every lesson and didn't have 1 single day sick leave.
I also did o/t each week at Kindergarten's to help them out and to boost my poor wages.

They terminated 2 Canadian teachers contracts at the beginning of the summer break.

Another English teacher is flying home tommorrow and they threatened him with legal action for breaking his contract even though they think that they can just terminate my contract (half way through it) with lame excuses).

I said that I was willing to work for them next term, then they go and stab me in the back. 

Another teacher may be leaving, so all the teachers from last term have left (except me as I refused to agree to the termination, stating that in my contract it say's either party have to give a months notice in writing).

At the beginning of last term 3 teachers left the company as well and they warned us about enlighten, but we decided to give the company the benefit of the doubt.

I'm not going to take this lying down.

But be warned, if you work for this company sooner or later they will screw you. 

Steve Jones 01/08/2004 Shanghai China