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two months in China
Well I read many of these entries before I left and I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the experience (except of course background knowledge of chinas history). The things I expected to be a problem - weren't (water, housing, bad school)and the things I didn’t expect - were (staring. Spitting, lack of imagination etc). I taught at EF Guiyang, the school was new, the staff were great, my boss couldn't have been more supportive. We had some minor difficulties with the Chinese staff, who were still adapting to our western way (it was quite impossible to imagine us adapting to their way of doing things, I'm sorry!). I recommend anyone with an open mind and a desire to learn patience and tolerance to teach in China, BUT I must say I admire those in for the long haul because I wouldn’t have wanted to stay longer than the two months I spent there (summer school)it was perfect for a taste! I did feel like I was going a bit mad at times. I have only been back a week and im still getting my head around things but it is an experience I will never forget, I have learn so much. I could write and write and write but I will keep it brief. 
If anyone wishes to contact me with any questions….