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Avoid: SISU Sichuan China
Sichuan International Studies University is a privately owned university with branches in Chengdu and Chongqing. These boys are sharp operators and are running a scam. Basically they offer huge salaries (10,000RMB+ per month) to attract as many Fes as they can so they have a choice. I was offered a job with a high salary but I became suspicous when they avoided sending details of the contract with the excuse "computer has virus" duh! Once I arrived they had a number of Fes hooked and handed everyone a standard contract for the normal Sichuan salary (around 5,000RMB) but with increased hours!. The excuse was "our investor has decided to reduce salaries this year". These guys seem to be looking for unaccompanied females from Canada (why?). Another FE arrived and had a contract already signed! They tore it up in front of him and he stormed out. I asked them what the problem was and was told he had a disease possibly AIDS.

I have had several years teaching in China and offer the following warning: Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between lies and communication problems due to language and culture. Some Chinese will use communication problems as a way of lying or avoiding the issue. But remember little lies at the start are a warning - it wont stop!