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Columbia English College - A Great Time
My wife and I completed our contract period at the end of July 2004, but decided to stay on for another 3 months. The experiences we have encountered in Changchun and at Columbia EC have been fantastic. We never expected the kind of accommodation we were given, western, modern, spacious and extremely safe. Our salary package is very acceptable and above average, also, free accommodation, free transport to the College, free gas, water and electricity.
We have been treated by the owner of Columbia with the utmost respect and received our bonuses and air ticket reimbursements in full. Our experience of the Owner (Connie Kang)is one of professionalism and caring. Also, all teachers who completed their contract period during our stay, were fully reimbursed. The Chinese desk staff at the College are extremely competant, helpful and friendly and are always willing to help us e.g. sending parcels back home etc.

Our time at Columbia is perhaps one of the most rewarding times we have experienced. It was great to see how our students developed as they returned time and time again. So many of them have made their way to study in foreign countries.

Our stay in Changchun has been fantastic. We have made so many friends not only with foreign teachers but also with the inhabitants, students and their parents.

It is sad to go but we take wonderful memories with us. Our heartfelt thanks to the people of Changchun, students of Columbia - past and present, Sally, Jean and Jane (staff) and last but not least thanks to you Connie. We wish Columbia all the success it deserves and also a fond farewell to our teaching collegues.

AJ & Alma Muller