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PAYS 7,000 TO 12,000 RMB / month:
I was told by two teachers who worked in China, that jobs when found from inside China, would pay about twice as much, as when the recruiters or schools offer them over the net.

So, early last spring I went to China. I rented an apartment in the major South-Eastern city - Guangzhou (with 10 mil. People). And I found the same fact as the two teachers had told me. 

The lowest paying jobs where the good universities' jobs. They pay 7,000 to 8,000 RMB / Yuan a month, plus a free furnished apartment worth 2000 RMB a month. 
Other schools, specially the private ones, were offering the same type of apartments, but paying higher salaries. I found a job paying 12,000 RMB - equivalent of USD 1,500 a month uptown Guangzhou.

The new modernized cities of China, are something else. I have never seen such beautiful and well planned cities anywhere, from the N. America and Europe, to Japan.

As for the culture; or better said there-lack-of, I found people of China generally fast moving, abrupt, rude, and rough. For example they spit everywhere, even when sitting in a carpeted Internet café. 
In the mornings what woke me up at 6 AM was not my alarm clock. No, it was the guy in the apartment across the alley. He, like many other Chinese, did load nose-blowing, clearing of throat, and spitting, for five minutes in a row, as a part of his washing up before departure to work. It is not a joke. They really are like that.

Walking on the sidewalks, even on the sidewalks with little pedestrians, was a great hassle; and it is a symbol of Chinese way of thinking. On sidewalks, everyone walks straight at each other, and each person tries to force the on-coming pedestrian to step aside for him/her. It seems to be a matter of pride for them, not to change their path!! 
They have no idea about basics of gentle human interaction, from a simple matter of walking, where in civilized places - people adjust their paths when approaching others;look before turning a corner and before walking out of a shop, etc!

This simple part of culture, like all other parts of what we call culture or 'the art of interaction between people' - is still a major mastery to most Chinese - as much as the flying of martial art masters is a mystery to people outside China.

You see and hear arguments, shouting, stealing, and signs of violence, everywhere. As for safety - apartments normally have 3 to 7 doors you need to unlock before you can get in (mines had 3 doors and 3 Shutters). And when you get in, you cannot get into any room unless you use a key to unlock that room's door each time you need to enter!

The lack of cultural rules that would make interaction of people easy, has lead to all sorts of ways of creating oppositions and trying to defeat the opposition by using toughness and violence.

After having seen many Oriental countries; seeing China made me really understand why most martial arts were born in the Orient, specially in China. They use it to solve simple problems, we never make in the rest of the world.

Stubborn that I was, I thought that if I persisted I would find an area, or a city that would be exception to the rule of roughness! 
So after a month, I went to renew my visa for another month. I went to the immigration office, in a very beautiful building that had no English signs to indicate that it was the immigration, and with no English-speaking people at the entrance, to answer hundreds of daily visitors, whether the place were the immigration office. Very welcoming! Right!!

As I gave them my passport, application, and police report on my residence. They took my passport, and I sat down waiting for the visa. After 40 minutes, I got tired and asked the officer at what time I should expect the passport to be returned to me. She replied "one week from now!" 
Having visited over twenty, and lived in seven countries, I never expected such an answer. I asked them to return my passport for an hour so at least I could change my Travellers Cheque for food money! 
The officer, violently shouted saying "Next week only! Regulations!"
Having no money, I finally had to go to my consulate and ask for their help. If not for their help I don't know what I could have done not to starve till my passport was returned!!

By now I knew what I wanted to do, as soon as I got the passport back. Yes, I saved my self from another day of life amongst the rudest and roughest people I have ever seen on this planet. I went to the travel agency and got the first flight out! 

Since then I have had tons of job offers sent to me by the employers in China. What I can say to them, is "I will come there when you can tell me what colour gentleness is!"

If you are tough and are easy to surrender yourself to tyrannic employers, I suggest you try China, and try to go there and get a job while you are there. Ar least have them pay for what they do to your soul!

To others I suggest 'like I did; You can get a happy life, outside China!'
Best Regards,
Bangkok, Thailand