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Job Search Advice
There were some significant mistakes I made before I came to China. These are some things that I didn't do and now I wish I had.
Ask: Do you work for the school or are you with a recruitment agency? 
Say you will not come if you do not talk to a teacher from the school. We tried to contact a teacher, but he never replied. 
If you sign a contract, make sure it has an official red stamp. 
Do not go over on the wrong visa and expect the school to change it. Get the official invitation and do it yourself. My visa continues to be a pain in my ass.
Try to learn a little Chinese before you come. Take a community college course or get some cds. It's a fairly difficult languange and people will be very confused when you get the tones wrong, but it is better than nothing, especially if you are not in a tourist area.
No matter how careful you think you are, you still might get burned. You can't tell if a person is straight by email and you can't tell if they really understand what you are asking either. 

Dongguan City, Guangdong China