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In Response To: Re: Wancheng International Education Center (Simon) 22 August 2004
22 August 2004

In Response To: Re: Wancheng International Education Center (Simon)

Here's part of an e-mail that I just received today from a former colleague, who is still working at Wancheng (which he refers to as WEIC, I.e. Wancheng International Education Center):-


What's going on? Just wanted to update you on the current round of attempted screwing by WIEC.

Well, I got my airfare late, and before I received it, Simon sent me an email saying that it would only include airfare through May. Obviously I hit the roof! I went through XXXXXX and got that sorted out, but when
I received my payment WIEC had deducted about 500RMB for meals at Luxian and non-existent repairs to the apartment there.

Again, I went ballistic, and basically told them that if they didn't pay me the full reimbursement within 7 days I was going to leave. Simon got ahold of me three days later telling me that there was nothing that he could do. I calmly said, "Okay," and informed him that we would be out of the apartment in three days. Simon thought I was overreacting…GET REAL!

I had already lined up several better paying jobs, but having to travel again was not to my liking, though I had something set up relatively close in Changsha. Well, that night XXXXX wines and dines me, basically
begging me to stay. (And I have nothing bad to say about XXXXX; he's a straight shooter, I think.) I met with him Thursday morning and this is what he proposed ……..

So Simon, anything more to add?