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Reply to TPR comments
Hello all,
In reply to all the comments about TPR of Zhuhai China, and a quick hello to Val, Nick, Tyler, Phil and the gang no longer with TPR.

I was with TPR for almost 7 months. I still feel that TPR could be one of the great schools of southern China. Sure I had my issues with TPR just as people have problems with any type of employer in the West.

I came to TPR from the USA and have a teaching background (with training in TPR methods for ESL).

Organization could be improved, but the owner of the school looks to far into the future and looses focus of where the bread and butter is for the school. The Children of Zhuhai !

I do miss all the kids I had taught, and I rarely played games in the class but the kids where smiling and having fun as they learned. I would like to say I never had a class that did not want to learn, but we don't live in a perfect world now do we.

To wrap things up, TPR has a ISO9001 certificate that drew me to them, and I think that if they followed the ISO guidelines they could be so great with the introduction of true TPR teaching as the foundation for all the teachers to teach with.

There may be a chance to teach at a better school in southern China, but one thing I do know for sure. You can do so very worse by teaching elseware.