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Seder. The "Biggest" School in Dalian. Beware.
I have just finished my contract with Seder English Training School, er even though they can't spell "Training", and thus I feel the need to write. Beware if you work for them! They have 14 branches, 10000 private students but still plead to be be poor. Although I was not badly treated their attitude changes daily, they don't pay you ontime, even if its only 100rmb, and they expect you to "help" them with no pay. This school has so much money that is mis-directed towards the Managers rather than the students who generally are very nice.. They will make you sign a contract, but only use it for their purpose, and expect you to work everyday but maybe "only for a couple of hours".
Their ever changing Chinese staff are nice, but once they have had enough they also go..So turnover happens a lot here. Its just a bad situation to start with and even moreso to end with.. Think before you act.. Words are easy as I was told by one on the managers. "We have a computer department of 100 computers", but only one works with the internet!!! Take care, but if you do try it have funů. The Chinese staff need it !!!!
Nik Edwards