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Taiyaun Modern English COO Resigned and Terminated
For your information,
I just like to but in cyberspace that I am no longer the COO of the Taiyuan Modern English School. I was the COO there from September 2003 to June 15, 2004. The school was and could still be one of the most advanced English Schools I've worked for. Though things took a turn and the school began having an animosity against me for protecting the rights of the employees Chinese and Foreign. As a Manager of a TESOL school I was challenged with issues of Visas, housing and communication from a group of envious underpaid Chinese market consultants. 

In China you never know what schools are "good or bad" like it is a moral issues. It is plane as day that schools change with management and ownership. For Taiyuan Modern English there was a shift of management and when my contract was terminated in a brutal and slanderous way, the rest of the teaching department left also. Even some of the marketing staff went on its own way. As for Taiyuan Modern English they pay but don't give you respect. They'll do anything to save money and their face. Be careful while working there. Demand that you have a ZED Visa and work hours less than twenty hours. Would I work there again? Yeh, if they give me American wages again but for nothing lower. 

So let me repeat myself once again I, Michael Scirocco am no longer responsible for the foreign teachers at the Taiyuan Modern English school. The teachers that I sourced there and trained have all left paid out and off to better places. I hope that the foreign affairs department of Taiyuan can check out if the other teachers, which the school sourced, are ok.

Michael Scirocco