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Beware Talent Inc.
Beware Nanjing Talent Academy, Part of Talent Inc. 
Located remotely in a developing area in Nanjing, the accomodations are in various stages of disrepair and they do not honor contracts. 
They attempted to charge for electricity, internet, water and were constantly late with the salary. On top of that the salary was often late, and short. The proficiencty level of the Chinese English teachers was often less than the students, and it was extreemely frustrating as a new teacher to China to get assistance. 

One of the assistants even said he hated foreign teachers because they were paid more and worked less. This assistant was the person solely responsible for the welfare of the foreign teachers and his favorite past-time was re-telling the stories of how fast the former foreign teachers left the school.. Running.. Without notice. 

If you get caught in a bind with this school and threaten to leave if the contract isnt adhered to - they will threaten to blacklist you and destroy your reputation.. 

Nial, Heddy, Blair