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Higbird Internation School in Harbin
Hello everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that not all English schools in China are bad. My boyfriend and I recently worked in a school in Harbin, China called Highbird International Foreign Language School and had the best time of our lives. The school treated us with the utmost respect and enthusiam being a foreign teacher. The contract that was signed between the school and I was followed perfectly and they never once tried to rip us of. They provided us with an apartment that was fully furnished and were always willing to help us with whatever matter could possibly come up. I would strongly recommend working for this company as I had a wonderful time there. I realize that management changes over time and certain ways may be different but I just wanted to say that sometimes you have to take a chance and it can turn out to be good. Don't be discouraged if a school treats you wrong because all you have to do is find another school.
Don't get scared away from all the horror stories because although some schools are nightmares there are some good ones that you just might have to search a little harder for.
Thanks for listening