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Harbin Star Up Date
Wow, there are a lot of things that were posted earlier this year about a school called Harbin Star Foreign Language College. And, a lot of it was true at that time, and now some things need to be up dated.

Tina, the former DOS is gone. She was taken out of power and offered a regular teaching position. When she was offered this position she went back to England, but there have been some rumors floating around that she may be returning to teach.
The new way of things is that every department has a team leader. In the high school there is a team leader, same in the University and etc. So far it has been working quite well. There are more class observations and the people who are observing you are more than helpful if you need it. There are weekly meetings to discuss anything from teaching reports, curriculum planning, and discipline in the classroom. Things have definitely improved in that respect.
One thing that we are having a current problem with is being kept up to date with current affairs at the school. But, the reason for that is that there are some new people working in the foreign affairs office and they are just trying their best to get things in order. Eventually it should work itself out, and the foreign affairs office is very welcome to any advice that we have.
As far as I know, there havenít been any break-ins in anyoneís apartment. It is true that the Chinese workers do come in, but they have to be accompanied by the cleaner, who is a lovely woman, and they only come in to fix any problems you may be having in your apartment.
Transportation to offsite elementary schools is a little difficult. The bus is at 6:50am, but there are only two teachers working there, and as far as I know, they are provided with bus fare for three days of the week. In my opinion, it still isnít fair, but nothing ever is perfect.
Every teacher who is currently here who is working 24 contact hours a week is paid the same amount of money. If you are teaching A-Level or if you have more hours on your contract you may get more pay.
The teacher who had to stay for 2 weeks in the hospital was forced to make up her hours, but it was done over a long period of time. The man who had appendicitis, I donít know about so I cant correct anything said in the past.
All in all, I can tell you myself. I am still here and have half of my contract yet to finish. I havenít had any problems with the school. They are great. And in general, they will go out of their way to make the foreign staff happy and content. Harbin is a great city, there is a ton to do and the people are friendly. We have 25 foreign teachers here, and they are fantastic, very friendly and easy to get along with. Weíve even begun organizing activities for ourselves and the school is organizing free road-trips to do some sightseeing around Harbin. Everything at the moment is great. If you have any more questions, or you need some information, feel free to email.