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CHIWAY SCHOOL SHAOXING - run now while you can!
Hi Guys - 
We are writing this note to advise you on the dreadful experience we are having with Chiway International School Shaoxing.
The school is a private school, and hence the students are here because they have been kicked out of the public school system ( due to their laziness, bad behaviour, bad marks etc etc ) - though the management here don't advise you just how bad they are before you sign the contract - honestly $10000 / month would still not be enough. 

The Management of the school is poor in all areas. Despite continuous efforts to have them meet the contract, 2 months later we are still waiting. They have not provided us with adequate teaching materials, ( I have been bought 1 book, and there are no English books in the library ) they do not provide in class support ( so effectively the students have no idea what you are trying to say unless your Chinese is brilliant - and even if they do they will pretend they don't ), they have refused to give us Chinese lessons, they pay us 'always' 2 weeks late, we do not have a computer etc etc.

The parents of the students here have lots of money - and getting this money is all the management cares about. We are not allowed to punnish the students in any way as the school fears that if we do the students will leave and hence their fees will be missed.

Too, the level of respect we receive from both students and management is next to none. It took 4 weeks of begging to have a meeting with the principal to discuss our problems, at which time we were told if we don't like it, too bad, but you cannot leave!!! We'll see about that!!!

I would be more satisfied cleaning the public toilets in Shaoxing than teaching here.

Really, I have been bashing my head against a brick wall for nearly 3 months and intend to leave as soon as possible.

For anyone thinking of coming to teach here - run now while you still can.

There are heaps of reputable schools in China - find another one!

Renee Cross & Tatiana Shipaeva ( going insane as we speak )
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